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(Oct. 23) Fluid dynamics in astronomy

Last updated :2019-10-17

Topic: Fluid dynamics in astronomy
Speaker: Professor Xing WEI
(Beijing Normal University)
Invited by: Professor YU Cong
Time: 10:00-11:00, Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Venue: Room 107, Red House 17, Zhuhai Campus, SYSU

I will report some of my recent work about fluid dynamics applied to astrophysics. The five projects will be discussed, 1. what happens to the ocean tide of Earth as well as the surface tide of star when tidal resonances occur 2. how precession drives Earth's magnetic field, 3. how to estimate magnetic field strength of a planet, 4. why solar radiative zone rotates uniformly, and 5. what happens to tide in the presence of magnetic fields.

Speaker's CV:
Prof. Xing Wei studied BS and MS at Tsinghua (09/98-07/04) and PhD at Cambridge (10/04-12/08), and then worked at ETH (postdoc 01/09-03/11), Gottingen (research associate 04/11-06/13), Princeton (research scholar 07/13-08/15) and SJTU (associate professor 09/15-03/19) before he joined BNU (professor 04/19-present).